As a Certified Holistic Health Coach with advanced training in Environmental Health, I care about your health and wellness as well as the environment.  I understand it can be overwhelming and time consuming to research the vast array of products available in the marketplace when trying to choose the safest products to care for yourself and your home. My passion is assisting others in creating a healthier home environment by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals in your personal environment as simply as possible. 

I have partnered with a wellness company that also cares about your personal safety as well as the environment. One of the tools I use is Certified Pure Essential Oils from doTERRA. These amazing essential oils are a simple way to create a safe home environment for your family. You can make your own inexpensive and effective cleaning and personal care products or choose from a line of ready made cleaning and body care products - all with an emphasis on purity and quality at one convenient shopping site. You can also use essential oils to replace the many toxic air fresheners on the market by diffusing them in your home to purify the air as well as enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Most importantly, these essential oils will support your health and allow you to take care of most of the occasional, minor health issues that come along in every family. These natural solutions truly are a gift from the earth that I am passionate to share with others!

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