Maine’s beaches and islands are magical places where we can leave the stresses of the world behind. These natural places allow us to be close to nature and fill our souls with the sounds of calling gulls and crashing waves. This love of Maine which draws us here, is truly the way life should be.

Island Soap began in 1984 on Little Deer Isle, Maine and is now made in my home on our 5 generation family farm only a few miles away from where it all started.  My husband and I transplanted from Vermont to the coast of Maine along with many other homesteading families in the mid 1970s. We have enjoyed raising our children on the land that goes back to my husband's great-grandparents! Our lives have always revolved around living naturally, growing much of our own organic food and being good stewards of the land.

These values of being mindful of the environment and living naturally are carried over into our handmade soap company.  As a Holistic Health Coach with advanced training in environmental toxicity, I am passionate about creating a soap that is free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. I believe what we put ON our body should be as natural and pure as what we put into our body. 

That's why I only use food grade vegetable oils along with essential oils to give our soaps a light, pleasant scent that won't overpower your senses. All other ingredients added such as oatmeal and cornmeal are organic. You will love the great lather and the moisturizing affect of the coconut and olive oils on your skin.

Each bar of soap is hand cut and hand wrapped so please expect a wee bit of irregularity.

Island Soap has had a loyal following through the years. Here are a few samples of praise shared by my customers:

 "I have only used Island Soap for the last 20 years and can't live without it"; "I enjoy starting each day with soap that has been lovingly made by the hands of a friend";  and "My skin appears smoother and less wrinkled since I started using your soaps". 

I know you'll enjoy using Island Soap as much as my family and long standing customers

Be Well, 

Gisele Bridges