Coastal Maine Traditions November 26 2017, 0 Comments

Now that the summer rush is over, I'm enjoying a more leisurely pace. Soaps are curing on the shelves, ribbons, tissue, greens and shipping items are ready for the holiday sales which are already streaming in! It's always fun to receive online orders from many of my customers I've met at the summer shows. And I love packing up the orders and making it all pretty with holiday ribbon and greens!

Maine is widely known as a mecca for artists and writers and rightly so. Just on my own home peninsula, we have an amazing number of artisans who make beautiful and traditional handmade items in their homes. Many have been honing their craft for years, others turn to using their creativity as they begin to move into a retirement lifestyle. 

I have been fortunate to meet many fine artisans as I travel the state of Maine participating in craft shows and festivals. Many have become dear friends of mine and we are always happy to see each other and give encouragement. It has been a wonderful expansion of my world!

This year's holiday season,I have partnered with some amazing women who also live on the Blue Hill Peninsula to create my Coastal Collection Gift Boxes. I chose each item for quality of the ingredients and also in keeping with Island Soaps's love of all things natural and having to do with our beautiful coast. 

As an environmentalist and also someone who is attempting to live more simply, I have also chosen to include products that are consumable. Often when gift giving we may be at a loss as to what to give that special friend or family member who "has it all" already. Handmade soaps, chocolates, sea salt, fruit jam, and beeswax candles are sure to please any time of year but especially during the holidays when we all want a few special treats. This year there are six holiday gift boxes to choose from as well as smaller gift sets with prices to fit every budget.

My wish is for a more gentle and simple world as we return to our roots and family traditions. 

My best,